Guided tours

Espelette and Ainhoa

Espelette and Ainhoa
Guided tours of two unmissable villages 🌶

Espelette is a small Basque village and is well known worldwide for its distinctive red pepper 🌶. Walking through the streets you cannot fail to feel the depth of feeling for the Basque culture and to understand why the pepper of Espelette has become an emblem for the Basque Country. You will be charmed by the colourful houses whose facades are riotously decorated with peppers.

Although this spice has made the reputation of the village, Espelette hides unknown stories and reveals secrets about some of its inhabitants, which have become famous.

Classified amongst the most beautiful villages in France, Ainhoa â€‹â€‹is yet another archetypal example of a small Basque village. Its only street is beautiful and has an amazing harmony. Visiting Ainhoa â€‹â€‹allows the visitor to immerse fully in the history of the Basque people, where each house tells the story of a family and where each family is closely linked to their home, a unique proud Basque tradition. 

Guided tour program (2 hours)

Guided tour of Espelette (1:15) and guided tour of Ainhoa (45min)

Program for Espelette

Meeting point: in front of the chocolate factory Antton

The history of the castel of Espelette

The church: the traditionnal basque funeral rite and the specific architecture

Agnès Souret’s grave

Armand David’s house

The center town and its houses with spicy facades

Where does Espelette pepper come from ?

Then, we go in Ainhoa (10min by car from Espelette)

Program for Ainhoa

Let’s discover what a “bastide-rue” is

The architecture of the labourdine houses

The stories of its houses

The church

The pelota court and its games

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24 January 2020