For the ultimate experience of the Basque country, Histerra guarantees private guided tours of only one booking time slot.

Online booking and payment for up to 20 people.

For groups of more than 20 please contact me for reduced rates.


Price guide

Number of people*Prices for guided tours (1 hour)Prices for guided tours (2 hours)
1 person 30€/person 50€/person
2 people15€/person25€/person
3 to 4 people11€/person22€/person
5 to 6 people9,50€/person19€/person
7 to 8 people8€/person16€/person
9 to 10 people6,50€/person13€/person
11 to 15 people6€/person12€/person
more than 15 people5,50€/person10€/person

*Free for accompanied children under 12.