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Guided tour of a city with an exceptional heritage 😍

Capital of the North Basque Country, Bayonne is a city where the centuries are superimposed. 2000 years of history are united within its walls. Commercial port and fortified military city, constrained by a succession of ramparts, Bayonne has always been a strategic city. Based at the end of a vast hinterland, at the confluence of the Nive and the Adour, and not far from Spain, Bayonne was over the centuries a major commercial crossroad thanks to its fluvial activity. That’s why the name of Bayonne, Baiona in Basque, means good port or good river, and this shows the importance of the link between the city and water.

The three main neighborhoods (Grand Bayonne, Petit Bayonne and the Saint-Esprit district), face each other and are only separated by rivers. The astonishing facades of the buildings recall a past where constraints were made to allow the city to extend its territory. On seeing these beautiful edifices, the bystander cannot fail to succumb to their supreme charm.

When we visit Bayonne, a stop at the cathedral Sainte-Marie which overhangs the city is essential. Registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the monument hides its rich secrets, directly linked to the history of Bayonne.

Guided tour program (2 hours)

Meeting point: place des Basques

The ramparts

The Old Castel

The cathedral and its cloister

The history of Bayonne neighborhoods and its streets

Chocolate in Bayonne

The river and maritime history of the city

The New Castel

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