Guided tours

Saint-Jean-de-Luz and the wine Egiategia (Half Day)

Discover Saint-Jean-de-Luz and its magnificent bay. The city is a wonderful seaside resort with a very rich historical past thanks to the great characters who made its fame and its beauty.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz has been also undeniably linked to the ocean since the XIth century. It is still today an important fishing port and the anecdotes concerning the maritime history are many and intriguing.

But this access to the ocean hides many other surprises! One of them is the wine Egiategia which represents a real pride for the region. Indeed, the innovation is fantastic! Grapes from the South West of France and Navarre are selected for an unique wine-making process: underwater… in the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz 😲 The vintages Dena Dela and Artha are therefore born from a formidable association between land and sea. An incredible and committed method which uses the richness of the Basque territory to delight your taste buds and surprise you😋

Let yourself be tempted, let yourself be guided 😉

Guided tour program

1°) Guided tour of Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Meeting point: Place Louis XIV

The port and the maritime history of the city

The Infanta’s house and the king’s house

The story of Adam macaroons

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the royal wedding

The panorama of the bay and its history

2°) Immerse yourself in the universe of Egiategia winery in Socoa (5min by car from the center town of Saint-Jean)

Guided tour of the winery

The innovative idea of the oenologist Emmanuel Poirmeur

Explanation of the underwater wine making process

Tasting of 5 wines🍷 accompanied by 5 pintxos (local tapas)

Rates (excluding possible transport coasts)
Number of people*Guided tour of Saint-Jean-de-LuzGuided tour of the winery and tasting
2 people35€/person20€/person (non-private winery visit) or 40€/person (private winery visit)
3 to 4 people30€/person 20€/person (non-private winery visit) or 40€/person (private winery visit)
5 to 6 people25€/person20€/person (non-private winery visit) or 40€/person (private winery visit)
7 to 8 people20€/person20€/person (non-private winery visit) or 40€/person (private winery visit)
9 people18€/person20€/person (non-private winery visit) or 40€/person (private winery visit)
10 to 15 people14€/person18€/person
More than 15 people12€/person18€/person
*Guided tour of Saint-Jean-Luz free for accompanied children under 12. Guided tour of the winery free for accompanied children under 18.

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