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Guided tour of one of the most beautiful villages of the Basque Country 😍

The land here has belonged to the Arcangues family since the XIIth century. Arcangues  is the archetype ideal of a Basque village. It was Pierre d’Arcangues, mayor of the village who, in the 1960s, had the desire and drive to put Arcangues on the cultural map of the Basque Country. Passionate about the arts and the Basque culture, he decided to make every effort to attract intellectuals from Biarritz to his village.

The many attractions to the visitor which include the surrounding countryside, the Nature Theater, the mayor’s office, the pelota court, the golf course and the stunning church and cemetery, create a majestic harmony which totally enhances the village. By all these aspects, Arcangues has deservedly become one of the most beautiful villages in the Basque Country.

Luis Mariano, the famous operetta was so charmed by the way of life here he now rests in the cemetery of Arcangues for eternity. Surrounded by the outstanding beauty of Arcangues.

Guided tour program (1 hour)

Meeting point : chemin de Jaureguiborda (car park of the town)

The nature theater

The pelota court and its games

The town hall and its stories

The church and its function in the basque society

The wonderful cemetary and the traditional basque funeral rite

The golf of Arcangues and its origins

The Luis Mariano’s grave

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13 January 2020

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13 January 2020