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Guided tour of a royal city đź‘‘

Saint-Jean-de-Luz has been undeniably linked to the ocean since the XIth century. Like other Basque coastal villages, the main activity was whaling. The port today is the seventh largest French fishing port in which there are about forty boats that still actively fish, mainly hake, anchovy and tuna. The ocean has influenced the life and the histories of the Luzians to the present day. The stories of the maritime life with the kaskarots, the sailors and the seamen who have travelled the oceans are many and intriguing.

But Saint-Jean-de-Luz is not just a port, it is also a famous seaside resort with a very rich historical past. In 1660, the beautiful Saint-Jean-Baptiste church hosted the marriage of Louis XIV to the Spanish Infanta, Maria Theresa, a union that upset the lives of many Luziens and Europeans alike. Testimony of this heritage, like many other Basque religious buildings, is truly fascinating.

The city is also known for its beautiful panoramas offered by the bay and houses that surround it. Sometimes a friend, sometimes a foe, the bay reminds us that the mercurial ocean, which brought so much wealth to the Luziens, has tried many times to claim it for its own. 

Guided tour program (1.5 hour)

Meeting point: Place Louis XIV

The port and the maritime history of the city

The house of the king Louis XIV and the Infanta’s house

The story of Adam macaroons

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the royal wedding

The panorama of the bay and its history

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12 January 2020