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Bayonne and the chocolate (Half Day)

Bayonne and the chocolate (Half Day) 🍫

Discover a lively, cultural and gourmet city. Bayonne is a festive city, rich in colors and flavors as well as historically fascinating. 2000 years of history are superimposed within its walls and the life of its inhabitants has always been intimately linked to its river activity.

Supervised by the magnificent cathedral, registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the three main neighborhoods of Bayonne face each other. They are separated by the Nive and the Adour and the whole forms a charming harmony.

Bayonne is also known for being a gourmet city. It is the capital of chocolate and one of the gastronomic prides of the city. Since the end of the XVIIth century, Bayonne has acquired a reputation for this know-how which goes far beyond its walls.

An utter delight for eyes, ears and taste buds. 😉

Guided tour program

1° Guided tour of Bayonne

Meeting point: place des Basques

The ramparts

The Old Castle

The cathedral and its cloister

The history of Bayonne neighborhoods and its streets

The river and maritime history of the city

The New Castle

2° Visit of the chocolate museum (5min by car from the center town of Bayonne)

The origins of cocoa and its cultivation

The chocolate making

The chocolate appearance in Bayonne

The know-how

The visit ends with a tasting of the excellent specialities of chocolate of Bayonne and chocolates from the best cocoa.

Rates (excluding possible transport coasts)
Number of people*Guided tour of BayonneGuided tour of the chocolate museum and tasting
2 people35€/person6€/person
3 to 4 people30€/person 6€/person
5 to 6 people25€/person6€/person
7 to 8 people20€/person6€/person
9 to 10 people18€/person6€/person
11 to 15 people14€/person6€/person
More than 15 people12€/person6€/person
*Free for accompanied children under 12 for the guided tour of Bayonne but 3€/child (4 to 12) for the Museum. Free for children under 4.

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