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Guided tour of a village in the heart of Basque society 😉

Located at the foot of Mehatze and Veaux pass, nature predominates the village of Itxassou, bringing a deep serenity to the place. Known primarily for its delicious black cherries, the village is made up of two districts spaced two kilometers apart. It is in the district of Saint-Fructueux church that the village reveals its legends and links us intimately with the fundamentals of Basque society. 

Beside the 100 year old oaks, symbolising the oldest laws of the Basques, the church is the testimony of a society whose maintenance of strong traditions has been, for centuries, a central element for community life.

Visiting Itxassou is undeniably getting to know Basque society, whose customs are often not very well known but which, over the centuries, have been so far ahead of their time, to be truly inspiring. 

Guided tour program (1 hour)

Meeting point: car park in front of Saint-Fructueux church

The panorama and the legend of the Step of Roland

Itxassou’s black cherry

The oak symbol for Basque people and the stele of Itxassou

Saint-Fructueux church : the specifics of Basque churches

The Basque funeral rite

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Espelette and Ainhoa

13 January 2020