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Guided tour of an imperial city 😍

What a wonder it is to stroll along the coastline of Biarritz. The city offers exceptional panoramas of the Basque shore line and the Bay of Biscay. Its steep cliffs with the jagged rocky inlets and beautiful beaches, give us a variety of landscapes that fascinates all those that see it. The attachment to Biarritz is immediate. That’s why, the French actor Sacha Guitry said “When you hesitate between two beaches, one of them is still Biarritz.”

In this wild environment, Biarritz’s past is shown in perfect harmony. Some clues remind us that Biarritz was, in the XIIth century, a whaling port. But it was really in the XIXth century that the city became a huge success thanks to the arrival of Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie of Montijo. Having decided to make Biarritz their holiday resort, this couple attracted the European aristocracy to the city. These people, of immense wealth and influence, in turn, created more impressive villas than in any other place and this has ensured the city’s singular and everlasting charm.

Guided tours programs

Guided tour 1 (towards the Basque coast)

Meeting point: Place Clemenceau

Place Bellevue: panorama on the “Grande Plage”

The Sainte EugĂ©nie church and the “Vieux Port”

The “Rock of the Virgin”

The “Port Vieux” and the villa Belza

The Basque coast: panorama, history of surfing

Guided tour 2 (towards the Lighthouse)

Meeting point: Place Clemenceau

The “Grande Plage” and its panorama

The Bellevue building and the Casino

The history of the Palace Hotel

The empress avenue and its villas

The lighthouse and its panorama

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12 January 2020


12 January 2020