Guided tours available all year 😉

The Basque Country offers us an incredible landscape of a vast ocean and magnificent mountain ranges. Today’s amazing places of beauty were once very different. Hostile, turbulent and at times violent, the remarkable people of this region have to learnt to adapt to all of these elements: it is the  quintessential Basque.

The richness and harmony of the Basque culture ensures the region’s authenticity and identity. 

You will discover with me who the Basques are. How long have they lived on their land. How long they have been speaking their language and why their identity is so important to the present day.

Finally, the Basque Country has a very rich heritage, intrinsically linked to the history of its people of course but also to the lords, kings and great personalities who have given it particular importance.

All these aspects of the Basque have always held a special place in my heart. Therefore, after my Masters in History, it was very natural that I wanted to communicate and share my passion for this inspiring and, above all, captivating territory. Like many others, I feel what the famous Spanish Basque sculptor Eduardo Chilida wanted to say with these few words:

“Here in my Basque Country, I feel like I belong, like a tree adapted to its territory, to its land, but whose arms open up to the whole world.”

I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing this beautiful, exciting and unique region with you.